Camping Newbies

19 Tips for RV Camping Newbies

Purchasing a camper is exciting! It’s also overwhelming. Our first camping season was a complete learning experience. We made many mistakes and looking back I’m sure our fellow campers shared many laughs at our expense watching us fumble around trying to operate our camper.

Hopefully we can help you can avoid some of the embarrassment we encountered as camping newbs! We polled our community of experienced campers in the Camp the Mitten Facebook group and gathered a whole-lotta tips for first-time RV campers.

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1. Bring a treatment solution for your black water tank. No one likes a smelly RV! And, bring more leveling blocks that you think you’ll need.
– Marco

2. Practice parking before you get to the campground.
– Sam

3. Relax and have fun!
– Heidi

4. Camp close to home for your first trip to work out the “bugs”.
– Pat

5. Pack a small toolbox with basic tools like a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, etc. because you never know what you’ll need!
– Rachel

6. Plan a weekend trip early in the season when the campgrounds aren’t quite so busy so you can take your time parking and set up.
– Kristy

7. Make sure your camper is level side-to-side and there is enough room to put out any slideouts BEFORE you unhook your camper from your tow vehicle. Stabilizing jacks shouldn’t be used to level out your camper.
– Scott

8. Pack an extra set of flip flops to wear in the campground showers.
– Lori

9. Bring an experienced camping friend with you on your first trip. They’re likely to have that item you forgot – bug spray, spatula, you name it!
– Mary

10. Eat lunch or dinner on the way to your destination to avoid grumpy kids when you’re trying to set up! – Angie

11. Reserve a campsite that is easy to pull into for your first few trips.
– Dawn

12. Make sure your camper is stocked with enough electrical cords, adapters, clean water hose, sewer hose, etc.
– Lisa

13. Bring an electric griddle for cooking outside under your awning before everyone is up.
– Penny

14. Be courteous and respectful of other campers but not cutting through campsites, cleaning up after yourself, and limiting noise.
– Manda

15. Make a checklist with everything you’ll need to pack for your trip well in advance of your trip.
– Wally

16. Keep an extra set of camper keys in your glovebox.
– Linda

17. Consider purchasing a foam mattress topper or a new mattress. Depending on the RV you purchased you may need it for a more comfortable night of sleep.
– Cara

18. Keep instruction manuals for various camper appliances and accessories in your camper. Without access to Google via wi-fi you may need them to figure out how to operate something like your stove!
– Amy

19. Divide up the work to set up the camper. This saves on time – and potential arguments when everyone has assigned tasks.
– Sara