2019 RV Design Trends

We traveled to two local RV shows this year; the Grand Rapids Camper, Travel and RV Show and the MARVAC Detroit Camper and RV Show in Novi. We wanted to check out what’s new and trending in 2019 RVs and share it with you!

We purchased our new Grand Design fifth wheel last summer so we had already seen some of the 2019 models. It was fun to look at different campers we’d never buy to see the trends across manufacturers and brands. 

So, what’s new? Check out our list below:

Farmhouse Design Elements

The “Fixer Upper effect” officially hit the RV world this year! From shiplap to subway tile and even gray and white (gasp!) painted cabinets, the farmhouse design trends are beginning to impact the interior designs of RVs. Dark wood cabinetry is still the most popular but we wouldn’t be surprised to see more manufacturers offer these trendy options next year.

In our opinion, Keystone did the best job incorporating this look into their campers. The Fuzion Toy Hauler and Bullet Travel Trailer both featured gorgeous, gray cabinetry with simple lines. Jayco also introduced their modern farmhouse style this year too but we didn’t love the antique look of the white cabinets.

Bold Patterns

We were really surprised to see that many RV brands are using geometric, bold, geometric patterns for interior fabric.  These fabrics definitely bring a modern, fun feel to the campers but we wonder how owners of those campers will feel a few years from now when trends change. Will it feel like the florals of the early 2000’s? Only time will tell!

Open Floor Plans

RV floor plans are changing! This really is the biggest shift we noticed. We saw some really unique floor plans and interesting use of space in the new models. RV designers are taking a hint from home design trends and creating spaces that allow for conversations. They’re also giving the kitchen much more square footage compared to older models. 

Forest River’s Vibe Travel Trailer and Sabre Fifth Wheel had really cool kitchen floor plans. We also loved the extra counter space in the corner kitchen layouts. This was one of the reasons we chose our Grand Design Reflection 150 Fifth Wheel. Many of Grand Design’s RVs use this same layout and we saw it in a Keystone Hideout fifth wheel and Forest River Flagstaff fifth wheel too.

HUGE Windows, MORE Windows

RV windows just keep getting bigger! And, manufacturers keep coming up with new places to add windows. Many of the 2019 models are favoring larger windows over storage. Remember when every camper had overhead cabinets over most of the windows? Those days appear to be over. It’s amazing how much more spacious these campers feel. We did notice that many of the manufactures opted for un-tinted windows which is likely a cost-saving measure but it certainly seems like tinted windows would be a nice upgrade.

Forest River’s Salem models had really large windows, especially considering it is more of an entry-level camper. We were also really struck by the really cool kitchen windows in the Grand Design 28BH Fifth Wheel when we bought our new fifth wheel. Our fifth wheel has similar windows and we love how much extra light they bring in!

LED Lighting

We wouldn’t call this a new trend for 2019, but it is definitely sticking around this year. We saw LED accent lighting prominently featured in both the interior and on the exterior on many, many campers.