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Munising Tourist Park

Munising Tourist Park Campground Review

This review was shared from Camp the Mitten member, Lisa. Lisa and her husband visited this Munising Tourist park, a city owned park August, 2016. We haven’t had a chance to camp in the upper peninsula yet but can’t wait to get up there when our kids are a bit older! Campsite When we first arrived, we camped on site was just across the road from the waterfront...

Otsego Lake County Park Campground Review

We traveled to Otsego Lake County Park unexpectedly over the Memorial Day holiday weekend in 2018. We had planned to spend all weekend at Hartwick Pines but the crazy hot weather sent us searching for a swimming destination one day into our trip! A few friends and family members were camped at the park so we made a call and got SUPER lucky to find an open spot right...