Firewood Facts

Michigan Firewood Facts

For many (us included), camping and campfires are like peanut butter and jelly – they just go together! That’s why there has been so much heated conversation about the DNR’s proposed plans for firewood in Michigan’s state parks as part of their effort to stop the spread of the emerald ash borer.

If you missed it, the DNR proposed banning all outside firewood from the state park campgrounds, requiring all campers to purchase their firewood directly from the camp store. While they later decided not to roll out changes in 2018, they’re still considering a new firewood policy “designed to still allow visitors to enjoy campfires, cookouts and other recreation around the fire – in state parks and other DNR-managed lands” for the future. 

We’ve compiled some facts and resources to answer some of your burning questions about firewood for your 2018 Michigan camping trips and beyond. And, I promise that’s the last pun!

What’s the DNR’s policy in 2018?

The DNR is not changing policies for 2018. They do, however, strongly recommend that you “buy local, burn local” and purchase only heat-treated firewood. 

Check out the DNR’s Firewood Checklist here.

Where can I buy firewood locally at each camping destination?

While researching for this article, I came across this incredible resource that helps you find reputable firewood vendors all over the state.

What is heat-treated firewood? Why is it better?

According to, heat-treated firewood has been heated to a specific temperature for a set period of time in order to kill any invasive species in the firewood. The standard is typically 60 minutes, heated to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. You can read more at   

Can I take my firewood anywhere in the state?

No. And, doing so could cost you thousands out of your camping budget! What a bummer! All sixty-eight counties in lower Michigan are included in the level 1 quarantine and the majority of counties in Michigan’s upper peninsula are included in the level 2 quarantine. You cannot move firewood across quarantine areas.

Download a Fact Sheet on Michigan’s Quarantine Areas

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