Seven Lakes State Park

Seven Lakes State Park Campground Review

We were looking for a quick trip last fall so we booked a spot at Seven Lakes State Park at the Sand Lake campground because of its proximity to Lansing. When we booked it looked like we’d be one of the few visitors that weekend. We were expecting all-day campfires, cooler temperature, and lots of bike riding for the kids. We were completely wrong! Instead, we found ourselves in a heat wave and extremely grateful to be parked on a beach!


Our campsite had a great view of the gravel pit turned lake and we were able to easily access the beach area. It was big enough for our camper but not the most spacious or beautiful site we’ve ever camped on.

Several hot air balloons came in the park and dipped down enough to nearly touch the lake behind our site. I was glad to be close to the lake to see the view!


The actual campground is really unique in that you drive down a winding hill to enter a basin of sorts that is level with the lake. There aren’t many mature trees near the campsites but there are views of trees all around. The actual beach was good enough for the kids but not my favorite. The sand was filled with gravel and a bit mucky in the water. Our kids swam in it for nearly six hours so it must not have been too bad! Again, we didn’t book this site expecting to swim so it was great to have this as a back-up option for the 90+ degree temps.

There is a much larger, nicer beach area located at Big Seven Lake within the park. We drove there because it was really far from the campground. The beach was much nicer and there was also a great playground that is handicap accessible which was an added bonus since one of our twins has some mobility challenges. I’ll give Seven Lakes SP an extra star for this addition! We didn’t swim here because kids are so hard to transport wet and they didn’t seem to mind the smaller lake right at the campground. We’re not exactly parenting over-achievers!


We only visited for a quick weekend so we didn’t explore the area outside the park too much. Double check your directions before you drive to the park. Google Maps led us to the completely wrong place causing my husband to turn around our 34-foot travel trailer on a narrow dirt road. In addition to my husband being annoyed with my terrible ability to follow directions we also got to enjoy several people passing by who seemed to find our situation hilarious. Oops! Learn from our mistake!