Sleepy Hollow State Park

Sleepy Hollow State Park Campground Review

We traveled to Sleepy Hollow State Park to write this review in May, 2018. Sleepy Hollow State Park is located in Laingsburg, Michigan just north of the Lansing area, making it a quick trip for us. Every time we head north for a camping destination we pass the Sleepy Hollow sign and think, “wow – we could already be there!” so we finally decided it was time to check it out.

We’ll definitely be back to this park but have decided this park would be best to visit in the Spring and Fall. We hope we’ll have better weather for our next trip because it rained almost the entire weekend!

Sleepy Hollow State Park Campsite

We camped on site 25 in the North section of the park. The campsite was very private with lots of trees and leaves making it feel like our own space tucked away from other campers. It was one of the most private campsites we’ve ever camped on! Most of the campsites in the North loops offer the same kind of privacy.

The South loops are a bit more open but most have more vegetation/privacy between sites than we’ve seen in other campgrounds. We walked the entire campground looking for sites we’d like to try and found there are plenty of great sites. Our favorites are the sites on the outer edges.

Sleepy Hollow State Park Campground

The campground offered newer, clean restrooms in both the North and South sections. The playground was AMAZING! Our kids would have spent much more time there if it hadn’t been so rainy. There was even a sandbox area. We really liked how the playground was separate from campsites so you didn’t have to worry about the kids bother others campers and so they were kind of contained in the space.

There is a public beach located in the park but it was at least a 15-minute walk to the water (I didn’t time us so don’t quote me!) and much of the walk is through a parking lot that I imagine may be a bit dangerous to navigate with kids during peak season. The beach area is big but since its open to the public I imagine its rather crowded on warm summer days. As you’ll see in my photos it was empty the day we visited because of the less-than-great weather.

What’s Around Sleepy Hollow State Park

We only stayed for a short weekend so we didn’t do too much exploring. We did take a trip into the small town of Ovid nearby to pick up a couple essentials we forgot. We found a Dollar General that sold everything we needed – and so much we didn’t need but somehow grabbed anyway.

We also made an impulse stop at a neighboring ice cream shop, The Blue Moon Ice Cream Shop. The ice cream was delicious and there was a great, covered sitting area with picnic tables which was great for eating our treat with the kids without destroying the inside of our truck. They even had a basket of sidewalk chalk out to entertain kids while their parents finished their treat. I’m drooling right now remembering the soft serve ice cream…  

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