Tawas Point State Park

Tawas Point State Park Campground Review

We visited Tawas Point State Park in July, 2016. We added this campground to our “must visit” list because we were really hoping to explore the east side of Michigan and Lake Huron and the promises of almost-Lake-Michigan-like-sandy beaches. We liked this area of the state so much we visited Harrisville State Park the following year.

Our Campsite at Tawas Point State Park

We booked site 34, which is one of the campsites backing up to Tawas Bay, after a serious Google Earth investigation

Our campsite backed right up to Tawas Bay allowing us to enjoy views of the bay and even see sunsets over the bay which was awesome! The site was fairly specious but the best part was really that we could access the bay right from our campsite. It was great to be able to trek back and forth easily with young kids. Our site felt wooded because it backed up to a tree line but the rest of the park doesn’t feel the same.

The Campground at Tawas Point State Park

We were honestly a little disappointed when we first arrived because the campground itself didn’t seem too scenic. Luckily, our campsite was very scenic. It was great to have the option to visit the larger Saginaw Bay beach or the smaller Tawas Bay beach.

We pretty much stuck to the section behind or camper because… kids. The bay water was SO warm and sandy. I spent the majority of the time sitting in the shallow water in my chair watching the kids play. Relaxing and splashing in the shallow bay water was by far the highlight of the trip for our entire family.

We did take a nice walk to the lighthouse one day. The trails were all paved (great for strollers!) and the kids really like checking out the lighthouse. Pretty cool to be able to easily walk there from your campsite.

The only real downside to this campground/trip were all of the mayflies. I’d never really experienced them before. SO. MANY. MAYFLIES. They were stuck to everything in the morning which wasn’t fun to deal with but we made the best of it.

The Area Around Tawas Point State Park

East Tawas is close to the park and offers grocery and other stores for anything you might need on your trip and several restaurants in case you need a night off! There is also a really cute downtown area. We took the kids for a stroll when the weather was too windy for beach time. I was surprised there were so many shops. It was nice to have something to do close to the campground when the weather wasn’t great.  

If Tawas Point State Park sounds like a place you’d like to visit, book a site today!

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