Why RV Camping is the Best Vacation Option for our Family

Thinking about taking the plunge and buying an RV? Or, trying to convince someone you know to buy an RV and become your BCFF (best camping friend forever)? We’re sharing our reasons for purchasing an RV for our family vacations – and a few stats from the experts thrown in there too!

My husband and I couldn’t wait to purchase an RV and hit the road with our family because it was really the only vacation option that made sense for us traveling with three young children, both from a logistical and financial standpoint.

And, we’re not alone. RV camping is more popular than ever! Did you know more than nine million households (the highest number ever) own an RV?  That’s up 16% since 2001 and 64% since 1980! And, young adults age 35-54 are now the largest segment of RV owners! (Source: RVIA.org)

Now that we’ve given you the stats, here are our top 5 reasons becoming a RV camping family:

Camping is an affordable vacation option for our family of five.

Hotel costs for a family of five are pretty crazy. Our camping fees for a weekend are typically less than what it would cost for us to stay in a hotel for just one night. And, bringing a fully stocked kitchen with us allows us to avoid pricey restaurant meals. We eat the same groceries we’d need if we were at home – well the s’mores supplies are extra but who’s counting that?

When we purchased our RV we figured the purchase price was equal to a couple “big” vacations (aka Disney) and instead we travel with our RV nearly every weekend during the summer and as much as we can in the spring and fall. We would never be able to travel this much without the cost savings from RV travel.  What a great investment!

And, we’re not alone in saving money vacationing with a RV – “a 2014 Vacation Cost Comparison prepared by PKF Consulting USA showed that a family of four can save 27-62% on vacation costs by traveling in an RV, even when factoring in ownership costs and fuel.” (Source: RVIA.org)

We’re able to travel more each year.

More affordable lodging in our RV allows us to travel more and see more of our great state! We’re able to fit in 10 – 12 vacations each year – mostly long weekends with a few longer trips here and there. Without our RV we’d probably only be able to go on vacation 2-3 times each year.

When our kids go back to school they’ve got plenty to share with their friends because they’ve traveled all over the state during their summer break. We’re so happy to be able to make so many great memories with our kids while they still think we’re cool enough to spend time with them.

We spend more quality time with our kids.

Kids grow up SO fast. Yes, it’s a cliché but it really is true. Our RV allows us to literally (the camper is a small space!) and figuratively get closer to our kids. 

There is a shared excitement traveling to our destination, time exploring someplace new together, sit-down family meals around the picnic table, and more! Camping allows us to step away from the chores at home (who needs clean clothes anyway?) and really connect with our kids without the distractions of everyday life at home.

Our kids spend time exploring which means less screen time.

I’m just going to be honest here… we are Kindle lovers. I say webecause our kids love to play them and we (mom and dad) love the peace and quiet that comes from said Kindle-play-time. And, as self-proclaimed tech lovers (we run a camping website and social media group, right?!) we also have too close of a connection with our iPhones!

Camping allows us all to the break this habit even if it’s only for a few days. We spend less time with devices and more time outside exploring our surroundings or enjoying a simple game of cards. Any day where our kids spend the majority of the time searching for rocks or playing in the sand is a #parentingwin in our book!

Well rested kids = happy parents!

Our kids are a bit older now but they still thrive on a schedule. Camping allows us to maintain the kids’ schedule (albeit a bit modified for vacation) without forcing us to go to bed at the same time as the kids. When the kiddos were younger it allowed us to put them down for a nap while we were able to enjoy time outside at the campsite together. We can safely sit by the fire with our kids happily in snuggled in their beds just a couple steps (and in ear shot) away. Any parent can tell you how magical that time is after the kids are in bed when you can enjoy the peace and freedom that comes with being “off-duty” for a while.  

The other key to our happy sleep equation is the “their” in “their” beds! Our kids think of their beds in the camper as basically their second bed – a home away from home! And, we do too! We all sleep better in the familiar setting of our home on wheels than we would in a strange new hotel room.

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